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Imagine the perfect birthday party….lots of laughs, some competition with your friends, prizes and bragging rights to be claimed, and a chance for everyone to win something!  Customize your own party with multiple combinations of activities for parties 12 or more.

Monterey Mirror Maze & Highway 1 Golf & Games is available and a wonderful venue for private parties or fundraising events on the Monterey Peninsula.  Plan your next Team Building Break, Birthday, Party or Group Outing TODAY!


Monterey Mirror Maze

$15 per Person
$18 per Person (incl. Goodie Bags & Party Hostess)

All packages includes:
Unlimited Mirror Maze
5 Lazer Maze
Add additional Maze Tokens for $10/Dozen.


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$15 per Person
$18 per Person (incl. Goodie Bags & Party Hostess)

All packages includes:
2 rounds of golf
10 arcade tokens
Add additional Arcade Tokens for a discounted prize.



$22 per Person
$24 per Person (incl. Goodie Bags & Party Hostess)

All packages includes:
Unlimited Mirror Maze
3 Lazer Mazes
1 Rounds of golf
10 arcade tokens
Add additional Arcade Tokens for a discounted prize.


Change from a boring meeting break to one that energizes, excites, and motivates your group.   Customize your team building outing by choosing 3 from the following activities (click on the tab to see details).  Each activity generally takes 20 minutes, but varies upon the size of the group.   $15 per Person.

Activities for Team Building and Parties

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Lost Scavenger Hunt 1
Trust Walk 2
Break the Vault Team 3
Lost and Found 4
Best Ball & Worst Ball 5

This scavenger hunt is done in the Mirror Maze where your group will be divided into teams of 4-5 members.  They will have to go one-at-a-time into the Mirror Maze to retrieve words specifically selected for your group.  These words could be Aquarium Icons like sea horses, jelly fish, seals, dolphins and whales.  It could also be team building words that they have to talk about after all the words are retrieved from the maze.  They could also be words that the team retrieves and then has to use those words in a song!  Or the words can be supplied by the leader,  the facilitator will ask team members to describe how each word pertains to their group, after all words are retrieve.  Most important is the communication between team members how to get thru the maze.  The first group to retrieve all their words or icons wins!  This is a great first activity!

The trust walk is in the Mirror Maze. The first member of each team is blindfolded; the second member places their hands on the first person’s shoulders and instructs them into the maze, they are the new leader.   They must trust that this new leader will instruct them correctly how to get out of the maze.  The additional team members behind them will wear the kaleidoscope glasses and support the team.  The glasses will greatly impair their vision, making it even more difficult, the team must work together.  The groups are divided into different teams.  After each activity, there is a brief discussion about how the teams did working together and what was learned.

The group is divided into new teams and members are roped together and must make their way through the Lazer Maze as a team, completing the challenge as quickly as possible.  Every time a team member touches a lazer the team will endure a 30 second penalty.  This challenge is generally  done on two to three different levels of difficulty levels.  This is one of the activities where we see the most team communication and participation.

Team members will go into the maze in pairs, wearing the kaleidoscope glasses, first making their way through the maze forwards, then backwards, then entering from both sides and trying to find each other before exiting the maze, they may only exit together.  They will come out find another team member they have not participated with yet, and repeat the activity.

Groups are divided into new teams, each team will play 4 holes of best and worst ball to receive a total score, attempting to achieve the lowest score.  Each team is asked to where the 3D glasses to make the challenge ten times more difficult.


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Our Sister Attraction Highway 1 Golf, Games, and Grub, located next door to Monterey Mirror Maze.  Highway 1 Golf, Games and Grub promises fun for the entire family. We have taken the traditional game of mini golf and turned down the lights and turned up the music to create a fantasy land of vibrant 3-D Glow-in-the-Dark fun and cool iconic murals.

Special Combo Packages that include Mini golf, Lazer Challenge and the Mirror Maze make this deal very affordable and offer a great value for your money while on Cannery Row.


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