Monterey Mirror Maze


Welcome to Monterey Mirror Maze

A high quality, creatively designed mirror maze walk-through is the feature attraction at this brand new family attraction. No matter what your age you will love getting lost in our psychedelic setting complete with high tech lighting and pumping music. It’s a great opportunity for families and couples to solve this challenge together.

The perfect symmetry allows you to see infinite reflections of yourself in every direction…which way is the right way to go? Just when you think you found your way out, you realize you have gone in a complete circle and are back where you started. Encounter surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles! Find your way, and even you can become a Maze Master!

It’s fun finding yourself in our underwater themed maze and you can enjoy the maze as many times as you like: It is never the same experience twice!

The Monterey Mirror Maze will Invite, Entice, Confuse and Render visitors utterly lost…come see for yourself the newest entertainment craze from England that is taking the states by storm!!!!


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Know Before You Go

Warning: Strobe Lights and Pulsating Lights are used in the Mirror Maze. It is NOT recommended for persons with epilepsy or other conditions affected by pulsating lights. Proceed with Caution and DO NOT RUN in the Mirror Maze!

The Mirror Maze and Lazer Maze have dark areas and is not always recommended for young children. Adults can carry children into the Mirror Maze however, strollers are not allowed.

Another Spellbinding Maze by Adrian Fisher.